Jan Buis

For a long time Jan accepted struggle to be an inevitable part of life. This belief was mirrored by a great many unhappy people around him wearing masks as “protection shields”. Much of his life has been a search for “the Truth” and in finding ways to remove his own mask.

Working with “sacred medicines” has been of great value to him in this proces. Sacred ceremony delivered insights and clear lessons.

The deep metaphysical teachings of “A Course in Miracles” confirmed the insights he experienced: We need to uncover and release blocks that stand in the way of our own happiness and the only place to effectively do this kind of work is inside ourselves. The purpose of all the inner work is really to be authentically happy!

As a trained group worker (specialised in working with addicts) and an experienced social worker, Jan connects easily with different kinds of people on a heart level. As a professional musician he is experienced in working with sound (sound healing and – pineal – toning).

When he experienced the profound effects of breath work he became a facilitator for the Alchemy of Breath. For a lot of his sessions he writes, plays and records the music himself in his homestudio.

Dwelling in the “heart space” he feels aligned with the flow of the moment, at peace and happy. It is his joy to offer sacred medicine and breath work sessions in group and individual settings.


“Jan is a skilled , and sensitive heart lead Shaman who knows how to ask the right questions, to build trust and holds space in a very relaxed and personal way , that encourages the medicine to do its work .

He has an in depth knowledge of how the medicines work and was able to explain about the process and create an environment in the yurt which allowed me to feel comfortable enough to totally surrender and really benefit from the experience .”

“My experience with Jan’s work was amazing.

Providing not only the experience but caring for me and looking after me all the time, giving full attention to my well-being. It felt so safe.

It was the most amazing experience I had, and I already had several.

The food  and the accommodation was also very good.

Thank you Jan. I will and I did already recommend you and your work without restrictions.”