Breath Work Live Sessions

While the world seems to hold it’s breath, in the grip of an invisible enemy (carried by the breath), we keep the faith in the breath, which  moves through us and unites us.

Breath work is a meditation, a prayer, it is a way to call upon Spirit, to in-spire us, to help us see things differently.

During breathwork the analytical, judgemental, critical, fearful mind goes offline. It gently vanishes and makes space for a non judgemental, loving  perspective. We see what’s true for us, we feel it, we know it – and we feel grateful for it. This is the reason we do breathwork!

But there are more reasons to do breathwork. It is the most holistic complementary approach to healthcare.

Benefits of breath work:

  • lowering of stress levels
  • release of negative emotions
  • release of  limiting beliefs
  • pain release
  • trauma release
  • relaxation of the body
  • improvement of sleep
  • calming  of the mind
  • experiencing In-spiration
  • uncovering hidden treasures, receiving surprising insights
  • feeling more aligned with one’s Self
  • experiencing feelings of peace, gratefulness, trust, acceptance and love
  • experiencing timelessness, oneness

I offer breath work group sessions, workshops and retreats as well as individual sessions.

Live sessions take place in the beautiful, spacious, ceremonial yurt. Online sessions take place via zoom.

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“This retreat with Jan was a deep journey into my inner realms, known and unknown. A powerful self-discovery, even though I’ve been for many years on a long path of personal work, meditation and exploration. I took over 20 pages of notes during the week, insights which will accompany me for a long time. I called Jan our “good shepherd” for his compassionate yet discrete presence, his knowledge of the medicines, their correct and safe usage. There were also precious days for integration, which definitely helped the process, in the beautiful, serene setting of Jan’s place and yurt, and in the surrounding Vicentine Coast. A life-changing experience for all deep-diving seekers. I’ll be back.”

“Jan made me feel very safe & comfortable to explore my deepest feelings.

Without doubt extremely professional & kind person with no judgment & from the first moment of meeting him I could be MYSELF.

Many thanks Jan my best regards!”

“The retreat at Jan is highly recommended. The breath work together with the sacred medicines he serves, combined with the intense peace of the location, ensured that I came home rested and equipped with various new insights that I can now continue with at home. I cherish the beautiful in-depth conversations we had in the beautiful yurt, Working on yourself in these beautiful surroundings is highly recommended and definitely worth repeating for me.”