Tools and Inspiration


A Course in Miracles

“Can you imagine what it means to have no cares, no worries, no anxieties, but merely to be calm and quiet all the time? Yet that is what time is for; to learn that and nothing more.

ACIM T15.1 1:2

A Course in Miracles is a non dual spiritual pathway that invites us to let go of fearful thinking. The textbook and the 365 daily lessons of ACIM offer us the experience of exposing and (gradually) letting go of the fearful, judgemental ego thought system, to be replaced by the loving voice of Spirit.

This is an ongoing mind training job, which as the Course states only requires “a little willingness”. But this “little willingness” is essential as “an untrained mind can accomplish nothing”.

Miracles are shifts in perception, from fear to love. ACIM leads us through “forgiveness” – which is the overlooking of all error and the holding on to loving thoughts only – to a state of mind that is fully aligned with the Holy Spirit, our Inner Teacher and Guide.

We are inspired by and grateful to David Hoffmeister who is a living example that consistent love, peace and happiness is possible.

Retreats, Algarve, Portugal

Breath Work

We honor the breath, the breath that sustains life. We perceive the breath as Spirit moving through and inspiring the material aspect of our being.

Breath work is the use of breath awareness and breathing techniques for healing and awakening. We combine conscious breathing and complete relaxation, this is the merging of peace and power. It is a very gentle,  yet powerful and effective way to leave the ego thought system – or the “head space” – behind and move into the realm of Spirit – or the “heart space”. In the “heart space” we  experience peacefulness and timelessness. We are in the NOW, open to allow all that wants to be experienced. We are inspired.

The sessions can also be held online.


Sacred Ceremony

This work is for you if you feel guided to look deeply into yourself, into unknown areas of your mind, facing what needs to be faced and taking responsibility for whatever you encounter. The purpose is experience the undoing of blocks that were standing in the way of peace and joy. To come into an experience of gratitude and love.

We are honored to offer ceremony to those who feel guided to step into the unknown and experience that old certainties are losing their grip. It’s our purpose to create  a safe container of non judgement, supporting you through your process of transformation. 

Please be aware that partaking in these ceremonies usually is a life changing experience of immense significance;  the process allows for a deep release of destructive emotional and mental patterns, as well as an influx of life force that is both healing and inspiring. 


Silence and Meditation

“Listen to Silence, it has much to say.”


Silence is not only the absence of words, it is inner stillness. Through periods of silence and meditation we start to experience inner stillness and peace. We hear the gentle voice of Spirit ( our Higher Self, our Intuition) again. We ask questions and receive answers from within.

We offer and facilitate periods of silence to those who are ready and willing to BE with themselves without the distractions of every day life. Our venue offers the perfect container for being with yourSelf in nature.