Recorded Breath Session

Get your recorded Breath Session by Jan.

This recorded Breath Session is accompanied by the music Jan wrote and played and recorded fully guided by his voice.

Born in the US, Jan became a professional musician ‘on stage’ in the Netherlands and has developed his skills in working with sound healing and – pineal – toning.

You only have to close your eyes and listen.

Receive your full Breath Session by email and enjoy your session whenever you prefer and as often as you want.

Duration: About one hour.
Price: 25 euro.

Contact Jan and he wil send you all the information you need. Also if you want to order this as a gift to someone special.

Want to know more?

Please contact Jan for more information.


“Thank you Jan for creating beautiful profound and meaningful ceremonies that make me learn, grow, accept and surrender ”

“Jan is caring, precise and very reassuring.

I felt safe with him during the sessions. His choice of the music that accompanied the sessions is also very helpful and makes it so much easier to stay with the breathing without any other distraction. I loved it.

Thank you Jan,  I am very grateful for the opportunity to do this inner work with you.”

“On my road trip I had a wonderful meeting with Jan. Over the years I have been able to experience some breathing sessions, but the session with Jan still brings you to a different layer. The combination of breathing, music and Jan’s spirit make it complete. As an individual 1 on 1 or in a group, I have experienced both. The sacred ceremony I experienced with him later was life changing. Many thanks!”